Why use Good Trojan Horse Marketing?

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Good Vs. Ill Trojan Marketing

This quote by Tom Fishburne, self-proclaimed “marketoonist,” really stood out when I came across it. I recently read his article, Trojan Horse Marketing, where he discusses how this type of marketing will be used for ‘good’ or ‘ill.’  ‘Good’ meaning they will use the content to create a splendid relationship with their audience by acknowledging the veiled messaging because it is authentic. On the other hand, ‘ill’ content is to ensnare their new audience and burn everything to the ground like the story of the trojan house.

Both methods of the Trojan Horse Marketing are methods of invisible marketing. This marketing tool can be added to the already in place marketing process. Good trojan horse marketing is the key to giving something extra and making the company more memorable.

Good Trojan Horse Marketing is Key

In the article, Why the Best Marketing Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing, the author describes a few examples of how she’s seen this invisible marketing and from that simply acts of kindness. One of the examples, that stood out is how the Trader Joe’s employee asked about her day and then gave her flowers when she said it wasn’t great. This small act of kindness is now a story she’ll always share about the company with people because it’s memorable. It’s good invisible trojan horse marketing and all it took was a small act of kindness.

Easy Ways to Do This

There are several ways you can use these invisible marketing tactics and the good trojan horse method. For business trying to grow a good/better perception, easy ways to do this is include small acts of kindness.

A few examples are…

  • Writing handmade notes when shipping your products
  • Making sure the employees are always giving excellent customer service
  • Giving free gifts with purchase
  • Offering promotions and deals
  • Encouraging social media posts and reviews

All of these simple acts of kindness just increase the likeliness of the current customers talking to others about the company. Dropping the good trojan horse of invisible marketing are easy ways to add icing on the cake to the company’s marketing and that’s what makes all the difference.

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