Why Personalization In Tech Has Advanced Marketing

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With technologies growing innovations, marketers have access to loads of information. Instead of sending out advertisements with mass messages now, we have many tools to make them customizable. With targeting, we can focus on specific people like retargeting; it allows marketers to target people who already have an interest and have visited their online site; now, they can retarget them and add personal elements. How do they do that? 

Every time we use our technology like our phone and internet, our data is being recorded and tracked. So when you shop online, marketers can get information about you, like your demographics and what you looked at while you browsed. In retail, you can use applications like SalesForce to create automated messages and continue the funnel and conversation with your audience. According to Piesync, “This means that if you’re trying to reach out to your audience with generic, impersonal content, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to engage them and encourage them to stay with you in the long run.”

 For example, when you give your email or phone number to an online retailer for, let’s say, a discount code for the items you might buy, you’re giving them the option to personalize and make automated contact with you that they can match for you. This way, they can encourage you down the marketing funnel and get you close to the sale. Maybe you ignore the first one, but then a week later they send a second one, you’re more interested now and might decide to convert with the discount they provided. With automated personalized contacting equipped marketers with a new opportunity to capture and recapture their audience. Piesync further explains, “In a nutshell, marketing personalization means interacting with your audience and customers in a way that feels personal and human, taking into consideration their likes, preferences and interests.” 

 This resource will continue to progress and help marketers develop the best tactics and strategies for their brands and businesses. 

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