Why It’s Necessary for Marketers to Create the Same Experience Online


When creating an online digital campaign, there are several ways to promote the content online. First, it is important to understand and consider each element to make it the best it could be and evaluate its performance. It should also all be connected; they need to intertwine and feel like they are all coming from the same place. For example, your social media channels need to match one another and link to your website with the same aesthetic. An online media creative and digital campaign includes ways to interact and respond. They are website home and landing pages, all social media platforms related, personal chatting like email communication or chat boxes, and even offline like what happens when they call the phone or walk in the store. While the last ones I mentioned aren’t online, they are still critical in creating the same cohesive feel and experience. Online promotion can elevate the brand and it’s important for that promotion to give the same experience and feeling you would hope to give when making a sale in person. It all needs to resonate with the audience and create a positive impression. When thinking through your online promotion, make sure that these elements are considered for a successful campaign and overall positive experience, this is called experiential marketing. According to HubSpot article, “Experiential marketing, also called “engagement marketing,” is a marketing strategy that invites an audience to interact with a business in a real-world situation.” Read more from that article for some really good examples of how to create that memorable experience. 

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