The Value of Website Flow and How Content Strategy Influences It

The website you’re selling your product and services on plays a significant impact in your customer’s journey and experience in marketing. It can be what keeps them or deter them besides the products and messaging and is essential to evaluate. Understanding the flow and what’s working and what isn’t is critical to determining your customers’ best online experience. You want them to hop on and be able to understand and navigate easily. To do this, it’s vital to pick a good website host and design elements that you plan to keep for an extended period. It’s best to avoid making significant changes all the time; instead, it’s wiser just to run small audits and create improvements quarterly. The impact the experience has on a customer is significant and quality is key. Therefore, it’s important to measure elements like the following: 

  1. Tangibles, for example, ease of use, content quality and price.
  2. Reliability and responsiveness like availability and call-back time. 
  3. Assurance like security and contact with call center. 
  4. Multichannel communication preferences like how it is performing on each channel, even each browser. 
  5. Empathy like privacy and personalization. 

Issues in all these areas should be considered in content strategy because it ties with website flow and your user’s response. Your content strategy affects all elements of your marketing efforts. It’s essential to determine your website flow and improve in areas to succeed and keep growing. Optimizely glossary on user flow explains, “collecting data on each step in your user flow will allow you to evaluate how your users navigate through your sales funnel. By their very nature, funnels will shrink at each step, where users drop out. Data will indicate where your funnel is ‘leaky’ (with a large percentage of people dropping out between steps) and might need help.” Solving this wil help optimize your marketing performance and efforts overall for better success. 

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