The Power of Social Media Marketing and Where It’s Going

Social media is a critical tool for marketers in today’s world. It has become the most effective and valuable digital branding strategy for marketers. It allows for an extensive and endless reach, which is indispensable, especially in today’s world. These social media platforms are powerhouses and an excellent way to increase brand awareness and connect you directly to the customer. It is a fantastic way to reach your target audience in seconds for free and it’s not only a beneficial way to expand the grasp but also the costs. A company’s social media presence with quality tells the audience that the brand is active and has a reliable reputation. Great social media can help push a brand to the next level.

I reached out to five experts in various marketing and communication fields on social media’s importance and where it’s headed in the future. Here’s what they have to say.

Jaclyn Tanenbaum, Marketing Research Expert & Award-Winning Marketing Faculty at Florida International University

“The explosion of social media has changed the way brands and marketers compete for their target’s attention. More than ever before, firms can reach various audiences on various platforms and in a highly targeted and efficient manner. In turn, this efficiency helps the firm stretch its marketing dollars and flex its marketing muscles.”

Ana Castillo, Senior Project Manager at Safe Cruise Parking

“I think that social media marketing is the most powerful tool we have as marketers. The possibilities are endless. I think what makes these communication channels powerful is that there is room for everybody to grow. Additionally, over two billion users are on Facebook, and over one billion users use YouTube and Instagram. This gives brands/companies the ability to truly engage with their consumer and add an element of influence like never. Simply put, the possibilities are truly endless in social media marketing.”

Susana Trista Reyes, MS Project Manager at Sitel

“Social media marketing is key in today’s market. More and more brands are using social media to attract, retain, and reach. Purchase behaviors have changed tremendously. Social media has become an amazing hub, not only where the audience can learn more about a brand but where brands can establish stronger connections with the audience.”

Maria J. Medrano, Event Marketing at ESPN 

“Social media marketing has become such a powerful tool for all types of businesses. In terms of connecting with its audiences and creating a more personable approach through engagement and storytelling, social media has become more creative with its capability and trends that keep expanding as times continue. I’m very excited to see how the next generation of social media marketers take this platform and expand brands beyond the uniqueness we’ve already seen thus far.”

Stephanie Hernandez, Certified Digital Marketer

“I’ve been working in the professional marketing field for over five years and social media has always been a huge part of every agency and client that I’ve worked with. Social media has always been non-negotiable. Everyone wants it and that’s mostly because everyone knows they need it. Social media is just about the most powerful platform businesses have, next to their website and their email subscribers in today’s world. Social media has blown up in the last ten years. When I was entering college and some of my friends didn’t even know what Facebook was. Look at Facebook now! Dominating the world and with no intention of hitting the brakes. As social media has grown, it’s massively turned to videos as the best way to connect with an audience. People are more likely to watch a video than read your blog (sorry bloggers) or read your lengthy Instagram caption. Faster is better and that’s exactly where social media is headed. I believe social media will be more and more integrated with our other day-to-day platforms to create a seamless experience for all users. Young and old, people have seen the option to sign in with Facebook as a way to log-in to their accounts. Spotify, LinkedIn, YouTube, you name it! Social media is everywhere and it’s definitely not going anywhere any time soon. Dare I say ever!”

In this new digital age, social media is going to continue to grow. Companies can engage with their audience within seconds, which is something new. Brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products and have them establish a connection. In turn, this connection creates a relationship and sways purchase behaviors. This is a goal every brand tries to achieve and you can’t beat the price.

Social media is also a method of storytelling; there are more users, competition and creativity. The possibilities are endless and will continue to expand. At this point, most people around the world have social platforms and are using it daily. As someone who’s grown up with social media, it continues to get bigger and better. Social media is taking the world by storm and will become a huge way we interact with brands and businesses in the long haul.


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