The Benefits of Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

pexels-pixabay-265087.jpgWhen conducting marketing research, qualitative and quantitative questions are critical in having good and extensive data. The market research will need both types of data, qualitative and quantitative, to ensure good results. Now let’s examine how to use them both in your market research. 

Qualitative Research 

In qualitative research, it always entails the use of words. This is when you ask a question like why? This will you the person being questioned an open-ended way to respond. This method is mainly used for exploratory purposes. This will be where you’re trying to gather information early in your research and determine the next steps. You want to create discoveries and understand what they’re explaining. It’s valuable information in customer insights and journeys. It can offer ideas you’ve never thought of before so take the time to listen and recognize what they’re saying. This will be critical in making future decisions about the marketing of the brand and product. 

Quantitative Research 

In quantitative research, the questions always involve numbers and percents.  This is where you’re gathering insights on numerical data. This is valuable in knowing what’s working and what’s not. It will probably give you more insight than you’re aware of because you’re getting real-time data. Enough quantitative data can give you information on averages that are doing well or poorly. This can help when creating samplings and trying to understand questions like how many and which one?  Quantitative data is used for confirmatory purposes late in the decision phase. This can help with experimentation and fixing what’s not working.  In upcoming choices about the market, this will be the research you look back to, which is very important to use it correctly. 

Using both qualitative and quantitative types of research are imperative in market research.  Remember, qualitative is words, and quantitative are numbers. Both methods have many benefits in understanding what you need to make your brand the best it can be. 

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