Planning for Lead Nurturing in Email Marketing


With email marketing, there is always a momentum to keep growing and improving. It would help if you always were thinking about your buyer’s journey and what can be improved. This will help increase numbers in your conversion funnels. A good tactic to think about for the future is lead nurturing. According to HubSpot Email Marketing Course (Links to an external site.), Lead Nurturing is the process of building relationships with prospects to earn their business when they’re ready. 

How it Works

In email marketing, you’re going to have a variety of customers in the buyer’s journey. Some will subscribe because there interested in the product, and others will be ready to purchase. You will have an assortment of people in different stages of their journey. You will want to anticipate the steps and create emails for all of the stages. This will help build the brand’s relationship and give them enough for when they’re ready. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Nurture your leads by gaining their trust and forming a relationship by sending the right emails at the right time. 

Personalize Your Emails 

If you’re sending the same mass email to every contact you have in your database, you’re doing it wrong. They will end up ignored or in a spam box. Write to your contact and make it personal. They signed up for your emails for a reason. Check that reason and build on that. If they signed up for more information, give them that and something to create conversion in the funnel. Personalize the emails using different buyer’s journies and segmentation. 

Segment Them 

While not everyone is the same, not every lead is the same. Segmentation is key in recognizing how to nurture your lead. Group your leads based on their wants and how they will respond to the content. According to HubSpot, to have a good segmentation strategy, remember to have a clean and organized database, collecting the right information, and get implicit and explicit data. This way, when you’re sending emails to your nurtured leads, you’re sending the right email at the right time because they’ve already been segmented. 

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