Leveraging the Internet and Strategic Plan

The Internet change the marketing game, it changed the way businesses could sell their products. Without it, we wouldn’t have social media and as many marketing channels and strategies as we do. It gave companies a chance for free exposure and added channels and visibilities. The internet has created a space for a lot of competition and to give customers the tools to get what they need and are interested in. Nowadays we all look on very sites to find the best prices and this is due the Internet implications on price. It has happened because of an increase in price transparency and its implications on differential pricing, downward pressure on price (including commoditization), new pricing approaches and alternative pricing structure or policies.

In marketing, things can get hectic and not everything is considered and assessed.  A major element to constantly be evaluating is the importance of monitoring the strategic planning process. The plan can help ensure defining the goals, personas, channels, budgets and assign content, roles and deadlines. According to Siteware, they share why without monitoring strategies fail from Ron Charam, “70% of strategies fail due to ineffectiveness. They rarely fail due to lack of intelligence or vision. That is, at the time of executing the plan, it is crucial to carry out strategic monitoring and evaluation of the planning systematically and constantly.” If there was no strategy in play, the marketer just assumes the campaign and content did good or bad but with no real results.           It’s best to harness its power, leverage it and strategic plan for its ultimate success.

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