How to Prepare Before Assessing Your Raw Materials

In the business world, despite your profession, everyone needs to know how to be marketable. As marketers we need to create our own personal brand. The best way to start is accessing and understanding what you bring to the table.  Actually, completing the raw material assessment takes quite some time. The best way to be time efficient is to prepare in advance. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself ahead of time and be ready to work on your raw materials assessment to better market yourself and your brand.

Take online tests that access your strengths, weakness and personality type. Take a few different ones and screenshot your answers for reference. Try out enneagrams, strength and personality test. These insights will already get you to start thinking of possible raw materials you will want to include in our assessment.

Read through the 6 categories in the raw materials assessment and ask for insights of each category from people closest to you such as coworkers, bosses, friends and family. You can ask your boss for previous or current evaluation documents. Ask co-workers for their thoughts from their experiences working with you. Ask friends and family about your personality and how they see you to give you different points of comparison.

Try to self-evaluate and come up with a few insights for each of the categories. After you have yours and a few other people’s perceptions, you can compare the results and maybe write out a new list of what you now think your traits and attributes are in each category.

When I created my raw materials assessment, I was able to gather old evaluations from previous jobs, take a few online assessments and note what I thought was best, and asked people in my life their views to cross reference all of this information. In sum, the more prepared you are for this, the better your raw material will reflect who you are. 

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