How To Determine Whether To Use Digital or Traditional Media

With digital media versus traditional media, the conversation is always on by using always-on marketing. The idea is to build out a dialogue with the customers, content with a strategy based on the central theme, content calendars, and communication relevant to the customer. Instead of building one story for one message, there are creating an account on a central theme. With always-on marketing, you get frequency, agility, duration and experience. With traditional media, you don’t have the circulation to distribute as often, as many iterations, themes that stay overtime and the opportunity to facilitate each step of the customer journey. 

    To decide how to invest between digital and traditional media, marketers need to consider online versus offline. They need to measure the following product, price, promotions, and the level and mix of media investments to determine the best elements. Additionally, it is essential to think through the funnel to distinguish the different referrals and sales processes. To choose where to spend, is important in understanding where the customers hear about your brand. According to array digital, “One significant difference between traditional and digital marketing is the what’s called attribution – where the lead came from.” That’s what you need to determine you’re spending by.  

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