How Omnichannel Creates One Seamless Customer Experience

Omnichannel marketing strategies focus on a multiple channel system approach that aims to give customers a seamless experience through each possible shopping experience for the customer. It’s not just a multi-channel strategy because it’s also considering the shopping experience between each platform and purchase. For example, is the purchasing experience in-store similar to online for each brand you’ve shopped for? No, why is that because not every brand is focusing on it even though they should be? While it makes sense to have multi-channels, it must all be connected to become an omnichannel strategy. 

Thinking through the customer’s journey, the service, care and experience all need to align with one another and provide the same or, if not, a similar experience. It creates a strong opinion and recognition of the brand and solidifies what the customer is thinking. It needs to be a similar experience. Shopify’s article shares 10 of the best omnichannel retailers and what you should learn from each. Out of the ten, Ulta’s was one I was interested in as an avid shopper. They invest in internal communication to constantly collaborate and create that one experience for the customer. What really fascinated me from the article was the concept of webromming. “This is because they noticed their customers webrooming and checking the websites before buying products in-store. Two weeks gives people enough time to learn about a new product, decide if they like, and make plans to go into the store.” It’s definitely something I’ve done and knowing the funnel is a lengthy process, it is essential for these touchpoints and experiences to align. The shopping experiences are the same both in-store, online and in-app besides the obvious reasons they aren’t exactly. They provide a seamless encounter with service on all those ends, care with communication and similar experiences webromming and in person. Omni-channel strategies and internal communication are crucial to making them successful and improving marketing overall. 

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