How A/B Testing Can Help Gauge Your Audience Better

In marketing, A/B testing is the procedure of distributing two versions of a marketing touchpoint, something like a website page or advertisement, simultaneously and then comparing which one does better and brings more conversions. A/B testing is a vital tool for marketers to test out their promotions and see what’s working and needs improvement. 

Possible Variations 

An A/B test aims to have a variation that will be tested to see what does better for your audience. Some variations can be in the headline, the audio, the video, visuals, call to action, layout, theme, and targets. To do it well, it’s best only to change one thing at a time. You can test multiple variations at a time, which is multivariate testing, making this more complex. 

Perform Tests 

Be as meticulous as you can. Perform tests on your tests if it’s possible. A/B tests are good but only provide so much since you’re usually only changing one variable. Try to keep going and testing when you can. If A/B tests aren’t always possible, think about surveys to offer and include so that people can share experiences and give suggestions. 

Keep Control Of Groups 

When performing the tests, try to keep everything besides your experimental variable under control. The more contained, the better the results will be—this way, their fewer variables to consider when getting the results. This makes the results more valuable because you know it’s not about other aspects; it’s about what was tested. Try to keep the test controls similar in subjects like geographical location, visuals, written text, etc. 

A/B is a great method for marketers to learn what their audience prefers and desires. Following all the steps is key to strengthening your tests; read about HubSpot’s A/B testing checklist  (Links to an external site.)to cover all your bases. A/B testing is an innovative way for marketers to constantly improve. 

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