Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

Artificial intelligence marketing is a technique used to gather consumer data and use artificial intelligence to predict customer’s subsequent steps and enhance the customer journey. In today’s world, a marketer’s goal is to anticipate the consumer’s moves and convert them through the funnel to create sales. However, it can be challenging with so much competition and saturation in the market.

AI Isn’t Going Anywhere

While the concept may seem new, it’s been around longer than we think. Our devices are constantly tracking and listening to us to gather and collect our data. AI is what helps gadgets like iPhone and smart devices understand us when we speak and say commands. This is our new normal, and AI will be sticking around. As marketers, it’s best to use it to its advantage.

The New World

According to Trailheads Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud Basics (Links to an external site.), we’re in the fourth industrial revolution, and it’s all about connectivity. As marketers, we know that nowadays, the audience wants to feel connected. The ads you see on social media and the web are targeted to you based on your searches and activity. Consumers want companies to speak to them directly and create a relationship. With AI and tools like Salesforce, marketers can personalize the experience and create differentiation and segmentation. Keeping the customer by creating this efficiency and even saving money.

That Personal Touch

AI can give that personal touch that will set your business apart from the rest. Gather research on what’s working and what’s not. Create various personas and templates to use for different target segments and audiences. AI is an essential tool that marketers will need to strive, get a head start, and plan.

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