Are You Ready to Conduct Your Research?


Step three in the marketing research process is to actually conduct the research. Remember that completing your research takes time and there might be some road bumps. That’s okay, it’s normal for that to happen but as long as it comes through. Here a few ways to know you’re ready,

Check Off the Following: 

– Defined the research objectives and gained stakeholder alignment

– Designed the right research project to meet the research objectives, including:

           Questionnaire development

           Sampling strategy and planning

           Survey planning and testing 

pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3760067.jpgAfter that, you’re ready for the next step to be in the field. Face to face contact and actually going into the industry’s and getting in touch with them. You’ll do this by. 

– Surveys 

– Focus Group 

– Conduct interviews 

You’re ready for the next step! 

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